November 14, 2005 - and so it begins... 

November 14, 2005 - and so it begins...

No further progress on the house to report. While we are waiting fo the trusses to arrive, Kevin and I have been putting our time towards other concerns. He has been working on hydropower projects, and I went to work!

Yup, today was my first full day of work. While I am pretty tired and a little daunted by all of the new information I need to learn, I feel pretty good about today. The people there have been really supportive, and I am looking forward to tomorrow. The day just flew by today. (We'll see how long that lasts:)

Don't be surprised if my blog entries get less frequent. I am an 8 to 5er now, so I'll have less to report, unless you want to hear about my day at work. If that is the case, call me or email me, and I will be glad to tell you all about it:)

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