November 19, 2005 - again.... 

November 19, 2005 - again....

I know I already posted today, but I have more pics of the house to share. Kevin and I worked on putting up siding today (if you can call t-111 siding...). We got about halfway done, so we should finish tomorrow. (By finish, I mean complete the part of the project that needs at least two people. We should be able to get far enough tomorrow so that Kevin can actually finish the rest by himself:) (Kevin has been doing what he can on the house by himself during the week while I am at work. This week it seemed like he drove all over North Carolina to get the materials we needed to finish the exterior walls and the roof).

Anyway, the first step in putting up the siding is like wrapping a big Christmas present. Merry Christmas to us:

wrap the house

I am taking votes/suggestions on what color to paint the house. I am thinking of painting it barn red w/ white accents to emphasize the whole "country" theme. Let me know what you think by posting a comment:)


We actually could have "finished" putting up the t-111 today, only we got a late start, and we had to take a break to go watch some lawn mower racing at the local circle track. No kidding.

lawn mower racing

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