November 21, 2005 - monday:( 

November 21, 2005 - monday:(

Kevin and I worked on the house all day yesterday. We made wonderful progress on getting the siding up. The house is actually starting to look like a house:) However, we are still waiting for the trusses to show up (they were due last week), and we can't really move forward until they arrive. *sigh* Its not as if we were going to get much done this week anyway. We leave on wednesday for Syracuse to spend turkey day with my family, and we won't be back until late Sunday. (I am looking forward to the time off).

I think this is a neat shot of both the inside and outside of the house with the siding on it:

siding up

Below is a pic of me putting up the z-strip. Let me emphasize: as long as I am helping to build this house, I do not need to go to the gym. Climbing up and down that ladder all day and carrying tools and materials around is all I care for:)

me and the z strip

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