December 4, 2005 - Trusses! 

December 4, 2005 - Trusses!

Hooray! The trusses finally arrived. Kevin, his father, and his brother Tyler were able to put them up on friday. Yesterday, everyone got in on the act, including me and our friend John (he is the guy who owned the land before us). (Kevin and I really appreciate the help, not only is roofing hard work, but unlike some jobs, it requires many hands.)

Below is a picture of Kevin and his dad up on the roof fastening down the sheet metal, with Tyler holding it in place. I mostly spent the day cutting the stringers to length, which are those 2x4's in the picture that go across the trusses:

We worked until mid afternoon. I spent most of my time on the skill saw cutting the 2x4s to 8 ft lengths and handing them up to people on the roof (yeah, I'm not lying, they let me use power tools:), while the Edwards' took turns climbing around on the roof and nailing things into place. We were forced to quit when the weather turned bad and started making it dangerous to be on the roof. (Its beginning to feel a lot like....well..winter around here) We can't work on the house today either:(

*Note unrelated to the house: some of you mentioned to me over thanksgiving that you were having trouble getting to this website. Keep in mind it is a free site, so bandwidth is limited. However, I have another theory that might be a contributing factor: the url to this site does not contain a" www". The address is simply
let me know if that was the problem:)*

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