December 10, 2005 - Roof in a Saturday 

December 10, 2005 - Roof in a Saturday

I have many pictures to share today, because we actually made some significant progress on the house. Kevin, Dean, and I spent all day outside in the clear but chilly december weather, and got all the sheet metal put on the roof. This means we are well on our way to having the house dried in and ready for the next inspection.

This is what we started with early this saturday morning:

I like this picture of Kevin, even though he refused to smile for me (he doesn't seem to like roofing very much). In any case, I think he is handsome, and the lighting in the picture is neat:

Since there were only three of us today, we had to think of a new way to lift the sheet metal up to the roof. Once again, the tractor came to the rescue:
Kevin rigged up a pallet to lift all of the roofing at once. The forks on the kubota were able to reach just high enough so that Kevin and his dad could reach the next sheet while still on the roof. All I had to to was start the tractor and lift the forks back up every now and then, as they would sink down a few inches over time. This happened less and less as more sheets were put on the roof, and the tractor had to hold less and less weight.

And, since the tractor mostly put me out of a job, I was largely useless, and spent most of the day taking pictures:) (Actually, I served well as a the go-fer on the ground, handing up tools and supplies to people on the roof, cutting a few boards to length, etc. so they wouldn't have to waste time climbing up and down the ladder). Here is Kevin's dad showing how much fun roofing is:
After lifting the next sheet of roofing from the tractor, Kevin would position the sheet in place, while his dad put in one or two screws to fasten it down. Then Kevin's dad would start st the bottom and walk up the roof, pre-drilling the holes for the screws. Kevin would follow him up, screwing down the roof as he went. Since the two of them worked so hard all day, I took them out to chinese buffet for dinner:)

Around mid-afternoon they finished the back side of the house:

It became apparent that the two of them could finish the job today, so they moved the kubota and continued on the front side of the house. Originally, none of us thought the job could get finished in just one day:

At the end of this very satisfying saturday, Kevin and I feel good about finally having a roof to work under:

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