December 13, 2005 - tuesday... 

December 13, 2005 - tuesday...

Sorry, no pictures today.

No progress has been made on the house since saturday, because Kevin and his dad had a pretty major hydropower project to complete early this week. (Sometimes Kevin has to stop working on the house so he can, you know, do his actual job. Contrary to appearances, he does have a "real" job that he should probably go to sometimes...:) He and his dad were able to complete the project by monday evening, which is good, because it required that one of the plants be shut down for the duration of the project.

For those who aren't familiar with hydropower, its a bit different from most businesses: You make the most money when you are not working. If you are working, that means something has to be shut down so that you can work on it. Thus, one or more generators are not running and/or hooked into the grid, and you are not making any power and therefore money. On the flip side, if everything is running smoothly and the plants are online, you are making money whether you are actively working or not. This is the nature of hydropower. Shutting the plants down is an inevitability, and hopefully they will only be shut down at planned intervals. However, every effort is made to minimize the time that they are down.

Long story short, every minute that those plants are offline costs us (Kevin) money. Now that we are making money again, and Kevin can get back to working on the house:)

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