December 27, 2005 - tuesday 

December 27, 2005 - tuesday

Merry Christmas everyone!

I hope everyone had a wonderful holiday. I spent Christmas with Kevin's family in sunny florida, and had a great time. This was my first Christmas away from home, and I want to thank everyone for making it a great experience (with awesome food!). Kevin and I returned home today (via private plane of course:), and its back to work tomorrow for me. To those in the frigid north: I miss you and I hope I get to see all of you soon.

It was pointed out to me while in florida that I am not always on top of updating this blog with the most current or latest and greatest information. In the spirit of trying to remedy that, I have more pictures of the house that I didn't post before I left on holiday.

Kevin was able to finish framing the interior walls on thursday the 22nd, and he actually remembered to take some pictures:)
Dec 22 int walls2

Dec 22 int walls1

My aplogies for not updating just before Christmas. My new year's resolution is to keep on top of this thing so I don't leave anyone hanging in anticipation:) (Thank you for the comment Ron, 'cause I am sure that was you:)

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Comment Well thanks Ben. Believe me, I'd rather hire somone else to do it too. However, Kevin and I have just finished college, and don't have the money for such things. Doing it ourselves is the only way to afford our own place, and we think its worth the effort!:)

Wed Dec 28, 2005 6:32 am MST by Amy

Comment Wow, this is so cool, I don't know who you guys are, but that's amazing that you're actually building your own house...-- I would never have the gall to do such a thing...-- I'd rather just hire an architect and watch their guys do it...-- Bravo!

Tue Dec 27, 2005 10:02 pm MST by Ben

Comment THANK-YOU for saying THANK-YOU :-)

Tue Dec 27, 2005 7:34 pm MST by Anonymous

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