January 3, 2006 - Tuesday 

January 3, 2006 - Tuesday

I am back at work today after a three-day weekend (Mickey was closed yesterday). Kevin and I used our visit with my parents in VA on Saturday and Sunday as an opportunity to pick up our free cabinets from them, and bring them back to the house. (My Momís new kitchen is almost done, and I am more than glad to take her old cabinets away for her:) The cabinets made it back from VA on Sunday in the dump trailer without incident, and Kevin and I got them unloaded and into the house Sunday afternoon before the rain came.

Unfortunately, the rain did come on Monday, which kept us from installing any more windows or doors. We used the time to figure out where the cabinets will go, and created a list of materials for the rough-in plumbing and electrical systems. My guess is that there will be approximately 50 thousand outlets in this house by the time we are done, and we will have put several more children of home depot employees through college. (To give you an estimate, Kevin said he used three full carts yesterday at Home Depot, and had to check out twice).

The HVAC installers also came yesterday. As far as I know, they finished up yesterday, which means we now have a heating and air conditioning system in the house. If all goes to plan, Kevin will finish installing the rough-in plumbing by the end of the week Iíll keep you posted:)

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