1/8/06 - Sunday 

1/8/06 - Sunday

Its been a busy weekend with lots to report, but its almost my bedtime as I am posting this, so I'll make it short and sweet:

Kevin finished the barn doors on friday. Its a steel frame door, with T-111 siding to match the exterior of the house. After we get moved in, he'll finish up the trim work, and insulate and finish the inside of the door. Since the garage will be insulated, having the door insulated as well will allow us to keep the entire inside climate controlled. He did a beautiful job, and now we can officially lock up the house. I even have a key to my house now:) Below is a picture looking our through the garage door:


Here's a picture of the air handler: (Not terribly exciting, but Lawrence Heating and Cooling did quality work, and I'm excited that we can turn the heat on (its cold here:))


Looking through the front door:


Kevin and I worked on some plumbing and electrical work on saturday. Naturally, we didn't have all the fittings and things we needed, so we made another trip to Home Depot saturday night. We had hoped to get the shower installed this weekend (a two person job), but alas we didn't make it. Poor Kevin is on his own again for another week, which I expect will be filled with plumbing. (Yet another job I do not want to do for a living)


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Tue Jan 10, 2006 9:10 pm MST by Anonymous

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