1/16/2006 - Monday is picture day 

1/16/2006 - Monday is picture day

I am very excited. The house is really starting to take shape, and I can imagine moving in:) I can't wait!:) Kevin and I worked on the rough-in electrical system this weekend. This involves running wires for all of the various outlet and switch ciruits. It was an educational experience for me, both in teaching me about residential electrical systems, and that I would make a very slow electrician:) I really do appreciate the education though, and the satisfaction of building my house with my own two hands. However, its a good thing Kevin knows what he's doing most of the time, 'cause if it were up to me, who knows what would happen when you plug in a lamp or flip a switch:)

In any case, I am getting very good at stripping wires and drilling holes to run the wires through. For once, I wasn't in the way, and was actually helpful:) Kevin will need only a few more days to finish the rough in electrical system, and be ready for inspection.

Here is the house so far:

This is where Kevin spent the majority of the weekend:


Here is me being helpful:) (I managed not to hit my hand with the hammer at all this weekend)


I'll keep you posted:)

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Comment HOT LUNCH :-)

Tue Jan 17, 2006 2:07 pm MST by Anonymous

Comment way to go ---

Mon Jan 16, 2006 5:52 pm MST by uncle bill

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