The inspector came to the house yesterday. Aside from a few small things that he wants changed, we're in good shape for the drywall. The inspector gave us the go ahead to put in the insulation, except in the few spots he wants to check before he signs off. There is still a lot of work ahead of us: digging the septic system, installing the well pump, actually putting all the insulation up...etc., but we've got about two weeks before the drywall goes in, and I really feel like we're making great progress.

Here's a pic from our adventure on Saturday:
me and Kevin 1-28-06

We may go on another adventure this Saturday too, if the weather is good. Last Sat. we visited the Jordan dam, which is an army corps of engineers dam. There are a bunch of corps dams in NC, all built in the 70's. They are pretty interesting, and are definitely major civil works projects. The Jordan dam has been made into a little public park. There is a playground, and people were fishing in the tailrace on saturday. Some of them were built for hydropower, and some of them were not. Either way, a visit to check them out is a nice break from house building:)

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Wed Feb 1, 2006 1:39 pm MST by Anonymous

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