2/27/2006 - Monday 

2/27/2006 - Monday

Wow. Sorry for the lack of updates. 'Guess I've been pretty busy this last week.

Kevin was busy last week too: The drain field is done. The ceiling has been insulated (we contracted that out). On Wednesday, Kevin bought a really nice Wagner airless paint sprayer, which he used on Thursday and Friday to spray primer on the ceiling and walls inside the house. The sprayer definitely earns the “tool of the week” status. The thing is truly awesome, and has already paid for itself in terms of time savings and convenience.

On Saturday, Kevin and I painted all the ceilings, as well as the garage walls and closet walls (anything where the final color is white:) On Sunday, we painted the bedroom, bathroom, and living room/kitchen walls. This took us until after dark to finish, so I didn’t take the time to get any pictures (we were both pretty tired, cold, and hungry by the time we finished). I’ll try to have Kevin take some pictures today so you can see the results of our oh-so-professional paint job: ) We definitely had to push to finish painting this weekend. Needless to say, it wasn’t much fun cleaning up the paint sprayer in the cold and the dark, but we both think it was worth the aggravation to just be finished painting already.

This week Kevin is looking to install the septic tank, as well as the pressure tank for the well. He may even have time to epoxy coat the floors before the weekend. I’ll let ya know:)

PS. For those who are wondering about our decision to epoxy coat the floors, here is the thought process: Kevin and I both hate carpet. HATE it with a passion. (Plus Kevin has allergies that carpet seems to make worse). We don't like linoleum much either. We can't afford hard wood floors, or even fake hard wood, right now anyway. So, a nice shop-like floor with area rugs is basically the floor surface option we both like and can afford. So there ya have it:)

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Mon Feb 27, 2006 7:42 pm MST by Anonymous

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