3/6/2006 - Monday 

3/6/2006 - Monday

Well, we didnít get quite as much done this weekend as we had hoped for. But thatís ok, we still made a lot of progress. On Friday, Kevin got the pressure washer working and cleaned the garage floor. On Saturday, he and I cleaned the floors in the rest of the house, and finished up in the garage. Now, it may sound strange that it took ALL DAY to clean the floor of our small house, but keep in mind that the bare slab was essentially covered in drywall compound and drops of paint and other debris. Kevin ran the pressure washer while I used our brand new shop vac to clean up after him.

Therefore, the tools of the week are definitely the pressure washer and the shop vac. Both were essential in the task of prepping the floor for the epoxy coat. The tools worked like a charm, and if not for them, we would still be trying to scrape drywall compound off of the floor. However, I really have no desire to ever do that job again. It was a wet, dirty, labor intensive, and tedious job that left my feet cold and wet, and my back sore for most of the day. (I know I know, poor me, right?: ) In the end though, the effort is well worth the knowledge that all that dirt and grime is not longer in my house, and will not be visible on my floor.

Sunday was a much slower day, as Kevin spent just a couple of hours on the Kubota covering up the septic tanks (yes, plural). My hope is that today he will be able to get at least one, if not both coats of epoxy down on the floor. At this rate, it looks like we really may be able to move in by the end of March: )

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Comment SEPTIC TANKS (Yes, Plural) :-)

Mon Mar 6, 2006 7:17 pm MST by Anonymous

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