3/13/2006 - Monday 

3/13/2006 - Monday

The weather is beautiful here in NC. It’s been very sunny and warm, and the temperature will reach almost 80 degrees F today. It’s like we skipped spring and went straight to summer. (The weather is supposed to get colder again later this week, which will make it easier to be at work all day: )

Anyway, Kevin and I spent a lovely weekend in VA. We relaxed by the lake, and scored a free waterbed and microwave (thanks Mom and Dad!). We also spent more money at Home Depot, and loaded Kevin’s truck down for the trip back over the mountains to our house. I wish we had gotten a picture, because there was not a cubic inch of space left to carry anything else. The water bed took up the little trailer, and we packed the bed of his truck up with a bathroom cabinet, mirror, vanity top, Mayo Hydro’s new table saw, the bed frame, plumbing fittings, a trash bin, towel racks, door knobs, and sundry other little odds ‘n ends. We had to carry the microwave in the cab of the truck with us. I think Kevin’s typical understatement was something like, “This is just about a full load.”

The goal this week is to get the CO (certificate of occupancy). Kevin was able to get a lot of work done last week, including installing all of the interior doors. All that needs to be done before the government says we can move in is to install some finish plumbing (the toilet and sinks), and some finish electrical work. He should be able to get the CO either at the end of this week, or early next week.

However, that doesn’t mean we can move in yet. There are still some finish things that really ought to be done before we live there, like the trim around the windows, doors, and the floor, installing the closet racks, and getting all the appliances hooked up. The appliances won’t arrive until this Friday, the 17th.

In sum, we are almost there, and should be able to move in less than two weeks! Hurray!

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