3/17/2006 - Friday 

3/17/2006 - Friday

Happy St. Patrick’s Day! – You know what I think is funny? All the noise and attention in the news about the “problem” of St. Patrick’s Day falling on a Friday during lent. The way it works is that Catholics are not allowed to eat meat on Fridays for so many weeks before Easter. However, the traditional Irish meal for St. Patrick’s Day is corned beef and cabbage. You can see where this had many people confused over what to do. The entire Catholic authority in America got together and discussed the theological consequences of eating corned beef today, and there has been an official edict, possibly even a statement from the Vatican, that it is ok to have corned beef for dinner today. LOL, these are the sorts of silly consequences that result from people doing irrational things.

So anyway, back on topic: Sorry, I forgot to get any pictures from Kevin, so there are no pictures to share today.

However, Kevin been working as diligently as ever, and there is much to report: He’ll try to get the CO today, which means that the electric company can come move the power over to the house early next week. (They don’t supply full service to a residence until there is a CO). He installed the pressure tank and water heater, so all plumbing is officially finished. All the lights, ceiling fans, plugs, and switches are installed.

He will pick up all of the appliances today, and hopefully get some of them installed. Once we get the dishwasher and oven in place, we can finish up the cabinet installation, and get working on the trim (which he may start painting today).

The to do list for this weekend includes installing the shelves and closet racks, trim installation around windows, doors, and the floor, cleaning cabinets, and touch up paint (there are a few spots where we pulled the tape off that we used for masking and it pulled some of the paint off with it). We may even be able to start moving some of our stuff into the house: ) It looks like we will be able to move in next week!

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