5/2/2006 - Tuesday 

5/2/2006 - Tuesday

Kevin and I painted the outside of the house over the weekend. Let me tell you, we are both a little tired of painting at this point. The job took all day Saturday and Sunday, and would have taken even longer if not for the sprayer (which is, once again, the tool of the week: )

All complaining aside though, the weather was wonderful on both days, and now our house is painted. The results are definitely worth the effort:



The outside of the house is really starting to look “finished”, and now we don’t have to worry about the wood siding getting wet. Plus, with a little bit of landscaping, some white trim, and a front porch, I really think it’s going to be a cute little house.

And, yes, a lawn would be nice. Right now the weeds and dirt are not exactly doing justice to our beautiful property. Kevin thinks if we leave it alone the grass will grow and he’ll just bush-hog it at the end of the summer. I think if I buy some grass seed and a lawn mower there will some chance that one-day we won’t be living in a hay field. (One can dream, right?: ) On the other hand, if he wants to let the hay grow, that means we can get some horses to eat the grass, right? Right??

Anyway, here are more pictures:
This is our mailbox (the one closest in the picture), which is where Kevin gets copious amounts of junk mail, and a view of the road that I see as I leave my driveway to head to work:

And here is what I see when I come home:

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